Introducing the NEW Jetstyle Services Blog for Whirlpool, Spa and Jacuzzi Baths

Welcome to the new Jetstyle Services Blog.

On this Blog will will be bringing you great tips on how to look after your whirlpool bath and prolong its useful life. We'll also let you know about any new products and special offers on our comprehensive range of Whirlpool and Spa Bath Aromatherapy Fragrances, Bath Salts, Bath Foam and Cleansers.

Looking after your whirlpool or spa bath

We can't stress enough the importance of cleaning a whirlpool or spa bath.

Firstly, stagnant water in the pipework is a breeding ground for germs.

Secondly, I have travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom repairing whirlpool baths, some of which were only a few years old. One of the main issues is pump failure, a very expensive repair. If a whirlpool bath isn't cleaned regularly, soap sludge and body oils start to build up in the pump and ultimately cause it to burn out. Added to this is the unsightly and unhygienic blackened soap debris that gets pumped back into your bath while you are bathing - NOT GOOD!

In order to avoid the above is simple just use SURE Whirlpool Cleaner every 4 weeks. It is very simple to use:

  • fill bath with warm water, 
  • add full bottle of SURE run for 15 mins, 
  • empty bath refill with cold water,
  • run again for 2 mins then simply empty.
  • Bath is clean and ready for use.

We also supply sanitising pills for whirlpools and spas:

  • simply drop one into your bath when you get out,
  • run for 2 mins, 
  • empty bath  no need to rinse it is sanitised and ready for the next use.
By following the simple instructions above you will enjoy years of trouble-free bathing.

To add to your bathing pleasure we have developed a range of whirlpool fragrances and sea salts. Our bath fragrances are in a range of bubble baths with low foam, therefore suitable for whirlpools and spas. For those who prefer a natural product we have our sea salts which are 100% sea salt and 100% essential oil, giving you a wonderful detox and an aromatherapy treat of your choice.

Sea Salts: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lime, Cedarwood, Neroli, Grapefruit, Tea Tree and Cinnamon
Whirlpool Fragrances: Dewberry, Fleur, Magnolia, Rose, Sandlewood and Vanilla

All available at

For more information or to book a repair, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07905 163231 or e-mail